When the physical and digital security of your people and their work is paramount, leaving their communications to standard encryption solutions could put them at risk. Eliminate the risk with HIVE, a private, decentralized file system and chat service purpose-built to maintain operational security.

How HIVE Works

HIVE harnesses the power of the Interplanetary File System (IPFS), renowned for its scalability and durability across various devices and network environments. HIVE data is encrypted at rest and in transit, safeguarding sensitive information from unauthorized access.

Each HIVE instance forms a private IPFS network accessible only through Hedgemaze routing and protected by multifactor authentication (MFA). This decentralized, peer-to-peer architecture ensures resilience to network disruptions, mitigates latency issues, and safeguards against active censorship.

Unmatched Cyber Automation

Boldend brings unparalleled expertise in cyber automation, tailored explicitly to DoD operations, ensuring precise alignment with your organization’s security needs. HIVE offers a comprehensive solution, leveraging cutting-edge technology, advanced analytics, and automation to swiftly detect, respond to, and mitigate cyber threats, reducing operational risk and enhancing resilience.

Scalable and interoperable, HIVE evolves alongside emerging threats, seamlessly integrating with existing infrastructure for efficient deployment, ensuring you stay ahead of evolving cyber risks with minimal disruptions.

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Features & Capabilities

HIVE hosts a multitude of features to meet the demands of modern organizations.

Encryption at rest and in transit for enhanced data privacy and security.

Multiple individuals can collaborate without disclosing identities or locations.

Improved OPSEC and tradecraft with multi-hop routes.

Scalable for changing operational demands, ensuring continuous protection.

Seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure, minimizing disruptions.

Use Cases

Boldend was born behind the scenes of some of our Nation’s most sophisticated cyber conflicts. We’ve evolved into a leading-edge solution provider with products designed to meet persistent challenges specialized organizations face. Explore industry use cases to learn more.

Collections Support

Cyber enabled operations

Protection of Intellectual Property

Secure Communication in Cyberspace

Command and Control, Situational Awareness. Force Protection, and Overwatch

Cyber enabled operations

Information Operations

Enabling Joint Operations with Coalitions, Allies, and Partners

Secure Your Cyber Strategy

Learn how your organization can embrace the future of secure communication and data management with HIVE.