Cover your tracks with Hedgemaze, an automated, highly obfuscated traffic routing platform that can quickly deploy and destroy any type of internet-connected infrastructure, allowing users to distribute their network footprint across the internet at a global scale.

How Hedgemaze Works

Hedgemaze streamlines infrastructure management, deployment, and teardown processes. Its innovative approach allows for the seamless loading of any software onto Hedgemaze nodes while using multiple provider accounts to ensure optimal performance and redundancy. With the ability to chain multiple routes, Hedgemaze offers unmatched flexibility in creating complex network architectures.

Simplified Management

Hedgemaze revolutionizes infrastructure management with easy building and flexible deployment of internet-connected infrastructure, coupled with centralized management for efficient node control. Automation streamlines tasks, reducing manual efforts, while resource reallocation elevates team performance and cost-effectiveness.

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Features & Capabilities

Respin provides a suite of critical features to meet the demands of modern organizations.

Rapid deployment and teardown of infrastructure instances.

Granular configuration control at the packet level.

Proactive audit capabilities for monitoring cloud provider accounts and audit logs.

Time-sensitive operations for quick infrastructure provisioning.

Secure node deployment and retraction at the provider level.

Utilization of multiple provider accounts for redundancy and performance optimization.

Ability to chain multiple routes for creating complex network architectures.

Use Cases

Boldend was born behind the scenes of some of our Nation’s most sophisticated cyber conflicts. We’ve evolved into a leading-edge solution provider with products designed to meet persistent challenges specialized organizations face. Explore industry use cases to learn more.

Collections Support

Cyber enabled operations

Protection of Intellectual Property

Secure Communication in Cyberspace

Command and Control, Situational Awareness. Force Protection, and Overwatch

Cyber enabled operations

Information Operations

Enabling Joint Operations with Coalitions, Allies, and Partners

Rule Your Cyber Domain

Learn how to upgrade your network infrastructure with Hedgemaze for unmatched agility, efficiency, and security.