Boldend developed Cricket to revolutionize the way users approach WiFi/RF operations. Our cutting-edge, portable, microcontroller-based embedded platform is designed to launch known disruptive cyber operations with ease.

How Cricket Works

Cricket is unique in many ways. It operates as a portable, microcontroller-based embedded platform, allowing users to launch known and unknown WiFi attacks without the need for dedicated hardware. Cricket facilitates in-field collection and interrogation of any WiFi, RF client, or network and its intuitive design requires no extensive training. This allows users to automate complex survey, collection, and attack processes on a single device with unmatched capability.

Your Ultimate
WiFi/RF Solution

Cricket caters to users in a diverse range of industries, making it an indispensable tool for complex challenges.

Ease of Use

Cricket’s user-friendly design ensures hassle-free operation in any environment. Cricket can operate via portable form factors or attached to ground/aerial manned and unmanned capability platforms, offering unparalleled versatility.

Abstracted light beam and particles

Features & Capabilities

Cricket hosts an array of features to meet the demands of modern users.

Rechargeable battery for prolonged usage.

External/internal antenna for enhanced connectivity.

Compact design for portability and concealability.

Multiple form factors, including portable form factors to be carried or attached to ground/aerial manned and unmanned platforms.

Seamless integration with any embedded target hardware, eliminating the need for rewriting.

Transform Your Cyber Operations

Unlock the full potential of wireless technology and learn more about Cricket, the ultimate solution for WiFi/RF operations.