Patrick Willis headshot

Patrick Willis, COL, USA (Ret.)

Director of Federal and Defense Engagements

Patrick Willis is a retired US Army officer with over 28+ years of operational and leadership experience with DOD and the Intelligence Community. Pat is an enterprise leader specializing in joint military, intelligence, and special operations. Pat is a recognized leader specializing in organizational development, innovation, integration, cybersecurity, and risk management. Pat’s key joint assignments included serving as the SOCOM J2 Director of Operations, Plan, and Policy, SOCCENT Director of Intelligence, and the Counter-Terrorism Director for the Joint Staff J2. Pat also led numerous infantry and intelligence units from platoon to the Division level in both the CENTCOM and INDOPACOM areas of responsibility. As a senior intelligence officer, Pat led intelligence enterprises during 12 combat deployments with the 10th Mountain Division, 82d Airborne, JSOC, Special Operating Forces, and 1st Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. Pat graduated from the University of North Georgia and earned master’s degrees from the US Army War College and National Intelligence University. Pat values collaborative teams that manifest performance excellence by combining perspective, performance, and partnering.